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Working Agreement 


Nature of work 

Kevin Redmayne Right Resilience Coaching Services is a life coaching service specialising in delivering resilience-based skills-training to help clients learn mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, story reconstruction and emotional regulation. 

By using a modified version of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, a behavioural technology originally used to treat Borderline Personality Disorder, but now seen as a gold standard for any person suffering emotional dysregulation, I will help clients build resilience in order to manage painful emotions and events. 

All consultations emphasise the importance of a therapeutic relationship based on trust, warmth and integrity. I endeavour to provide you with the tools and techniques needed to extrinsically and intrinsically improve your quality of life.  


Kevin Redmayne Right Resilience Coaching Service is not an accredited psychotherapy service and I do not have any psychotherapeutic qualifications. As a life-coach and skills-trainer, I can share my experiences, alongside the tools, techniques, skills and practises, I've learnt and practised in order to give you the means by which to create a better quality of life for yourself. I do not treat mental health problems.


When I use the term remission, I refer the absence or diminishing of core symptoms of emotional instability, and when I use the term recovery I refer to a life subjectively containing a sense of agency, purpose and meaning, and which has opportunities for friendships, relationships, education and career-related success, and which further more has higher subjective levels of happiness and wellbeing. The service cannot make any guarantees in regard to outcome or prognosis, but is committed to providing the very best service to customers. ​


The first consultation of any of the Resilience Coaching packages lasts 30 minutes and is free of charge. It a chance for both you the client, and me the coach to see whether the services is right for you. Subsequent consultations last 1 hour, and cost £80 an hour, excluding promotions. All sessions are conducted online: Where possible we'll use Skype Video as a default platform. However, when necessary it may be possible to switch to another platform such as Facebook Messenger or FaceTime. 

The first consultation (excluding the first 30 minute free consultation) involves an informal assessment where we discuss current difficulties and future aspirations, subsequent appointments will be roughly divided into two 30 minute halves. The first half, will be used to discuss the week's problems and progress with the aid of a diary card, the second half will be dedicated to learning a new skill from one of the five modules. 


Cancelations and Refunds 

If you are late for an appointment we still need to end the session on time. If I am late, where possible I will extend the session to meet the hour, or offer you compensation.

Appointment cancellation requires 24 hour notice. If you cancel on short notice I may require you to pay the appointment fee, if I cancel on short notice I will compensate you, by refunding payment if you have paid in advance or discounting the next session. 


UK payments can be made via BACS transfer, from your bank and building society. Overseas payment should be via Paypal. Fees should be paid in advance. Sessions can be paid for individually or in bulk. Sessions can be one-off, or ongoing and continuous depending on your goals. You can discontinue sessions at any point.



All discussions are confidential. I may make notes after each appointment in order to deliver the best service. All written material will be kept on a separate hard drive, and folders contained herewith password protected. Handwritten material will be kept in a safe place only accessible to me. Currently, I do not offer end-to-end encryption for video consultations. 

On rare occasions I may have disclose information about you or our sessions, for example if I believe you or others are at risk of serious harm. 

Kevin Redmayne Right Resilience Coaching Services uses cookies to track data. 


Contacting me 

In order to book an appointment please send me an email at You are welcome to contact me outside appointment times, and I will endeavour to reply immediately, however, depending on the nature of the message, and the time it was sent, I cannot guarantee this.


I maintain an active presence of social media, and some of my work is in the public domain. You are welcome to contact me on Facebook, Twitter, and any other platform, however for various reasons I will not always be able to respond. Please remember social media is not the place to discuss individual appointments or disclose personal details or circumstances. 



Kevin Redmayne Resilience Coaching does not constitute legal, medical or professional advice. 

I aim to support you, and equip you with tools and techniques in order to be your own healer. However, I cannot make guarantees in regard to results, or prognosis. 


Crisis Situations

I am not a trained crisis practitioner, and Kevin Redmayne Right Resilience Coaching is not a crisis service nor does it offer psychotherapy. While I will endeavour to work with you in regard to intense distress, if you are at immediate risk of harm I will not be able to help you. 


By signing or submitting the working agreement you are agreeing that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to abide by them in our partnership. 


I look forward to working with you, 


Kevin Redmayne. 

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