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Kevin Redmayne Resilience Coaching offers one to one resilience-based skills-training combined with listening & support to help you survive the crisis, overcome adversity and regain your life. Via video consultations, I offer a global service helping clients across the world create a life worth living. Life doesn't always go to plan, in fact it can be downright painful. However, with help, you can learn skills needed to be your own healer. If you are unsure whether resilience coaching is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you feel out of touch with your mind and body?

  2. Are you stuck in relationship chaos?

  3. Are your emotions so intense you lose control?

  4. Are you overwhelmed with pain and suffering? 

  5. Have you lost your sense of self, or your faith in the world? 

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, resilience coaching could be for you. Painful events, trigger painful emotions, and vice versa; therefore managing intense feelings of distress is the key to mastering the mind; and reaching long term recovery. Perhaps you've had a one off traumatic event, or maybe you've been stuck in a chronic unremitting crisis for much longer whatever the reason I can help get back on track. 


Using a modified version of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), a specialist treatment for emotional dysregulation disorders, including BPD, I will coach you through, five modules of mindfulness, relationship-building, emotional stability, distress tolerance, and story reconstruction; to help you live in present moment, improve relationships, regulate emotions, bear pain, and finally find meaning in life. We can set goals, and achieve them, identify unskillful habits and break them. We can reclaim the lost sense of self, and set a vision for the future.


All consultations are conducted via Skype Video or Facebook Messenger Video, the first consultation is free of charge, all subsequent consultations last 1 hour and cost £80.00. 


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Wake up and become alive to the present moment.

See life clearly by strengthening moment-to-moment awareness.

Observe, identify and describe thoughts, feelings beliefs and motivations.  ​

Investigate reality, clarifying how we use the five senses. 

Unseat the inner tyrant and learn to think non-judgementally.

Relinquish all forms of argument and act effectively.

Let go of the past and future, and live in the present moment. 

Practise letting go of all forms of desire for lasting serenity. 

Enter the paradox of being somebody and nobody at the same time.

Balance the doing-mind with the being-mind to find your equilibrium.

Practise breath meditation to relax and release chronic stress. 

Heal aversive moods with loving-kindness meditation.

Know the truth of the way things are, with insight-orientated Vipassana meditation. 

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The first consultation is free

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