Be Your Own Healer 

Resilience Coaching to Transform your Life 

  • Stay Mindful 

    The past is a memory, the future is unknown, now is the knowing.

  • Regulate Emotions

    Stabilise difficult emotions, and manage your mood effectively.

  • Build Relationships

    Build, burn and repair bridges. Surround yourself with people who matter.

  • Tolerate Distress

    Ordinary pain does not need to become extraordinary suffering. 

  • Create Meaning 

    If you have a why to live you can bear any how. Find the meaning of your story.



Survive the crisis. Overcome adversity. Regain your life 

These are the steps to creating a life worth living. Hello I'm Kevin Redmayne and welcome to As a resilience coach I'm here to teach you the skills you need to be your own healer. Everyone of us, at some point in life will experience a crisis: From losing someone we love, to coping with long term illness, life can be difficult. However, it is not the crisis which defines us, but our attitude toward it. Life is complicated, and each of us is broken, in our particular way. However, even in our brokenness, we still have a chance to get better. This isn't something I simply believe, but what I know to be true. My life hasn't gone to plan: It's been disorderly, chaotic and full of surprises. However, by using a range of techniques, I was able to break free from an unrelenting crisis and finally reach recovery. I want to pass on what I've learnt to you. I want to teach you all about resilience. ​

H, Bristol 


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Resilience Coaching is a skills-training coaching service helping clients manage painful emotions. By using a modified version of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and drawing on Buddhist mindfulness techniques, I will equip you with the skills needed to be your own healer.


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Resilience Coaching

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